Our Facilities

The Yorkshire Patong has an international standard fully equipped Cybex/Life Fitness Gym which includes a wide range of strength training machines and free weights. In addition, there is an extensive cardiovascular section which includes treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, rowing machine and Cross-Trainers.

Our personal trainers can design an exercise program specifically for your requirements to help with weight loss, muscle tone, hypertrophy, stamina and flexibility.

Physical exercise is only part of a weight loss and fitness regime a healthy balanced diet is paramount. The Yorkshire Patong Chefs can cater for any dietary preferences, low sodium, low-fat, low cholesterol, vegetarian or vegan.

For long stay visitors and local residents become a full member of the Gym, and enjoy complimentary access to the Pool, Sauna and Steam; coupled with a special discount on restaurant items. Day passes are also readily available.

The Gym

Open from 9am until 9pm

Swimming Pool

Open from 9am until 9pm

Sauna and Steam Room

Open from 9am until 9pm

As the sun retreats, immerse yourself in the beach club atmosphere with the tunes of our resident DJ’s and slowly make your way into the nightlclub with lovely hostesses, VIP lounge, and party until early morning hours.

Welcome to the TaiPan Entertainment Nightclub, the number 1 entertainment venue on Bangla Road in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. It’s simply the best place for live entertainment, parties, coyotes, giveaways, money balloons, live music, live djs and unforgettable nights in Patong.

TaiPan Nightclub

Open from 9pm until …
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